Selet Image Studio

“Selet” Image Studio is focused on creating the image of the “Selet” community. It is in charge of developing the brand-book and corporate style of “Selet” and manufacturing the original outfit for its projects.

Республиканский дискуссионный клуб «Республика дебатов»

Debating Club

Since 2007, the “Selet” Debating Club is one of the key projects that are implemented in the “Selet” environment. This project is aimed at forming in children and youth the skills of critical thinking and public speaking.

Корпоративный университет

Corporate University

The Corporate University is an important component of successful work of the organization. Creating a supporting and developing system of non-formal education within the team makes it possible to achieve high results in work and form a strong team of professionals who can solve problems of any complexity.

Центр обучения и оздоровления в лагере «Звездный»

Education and Recreation Centre at the Children’s Recreation Centre - Zvezdnyj

The idea of the “Selet” Education and Recreation Centre is to transform the “Zvezdnyj” (Star-like) children’s recreation centre (Laishevsky district, Trinity village, 30 km from Kazan, 10 ha) into an attractive centre of recreation and development of gifted children and youth. The aim of this Centre is to contribute to the accumulation of the intellectual potential of the republic, to the spiritual improvement of the society, to providing of the meaningful content to the concepts of “ecology of a person” (“soul ecology”, “culture ecology”, “language ecology”) and “ecology of nature” that are being actively “preached” by the scientists.

Литературный клуб «Аккош күле»

Literary Club - Akkosh Kule

“Akkosh kule” (Swan Lake) is a youth literary project that is aimed at developing the creative potential in children, at identifying and supporting the talented youth.

Марафон Сәләт


“Selet” Marathon is one of the key projects of the “Selet” community, which is aimed at identifying and involving the gifted children and talented youth in the projects and programmes of “Selet”.

Хор-студия «D’ART»

Choir-Studio - D’art

“D’art” Choir-Studio is a creative project that is aimed at the development of music (vocal) skills of children and youth and creating opportunities for them to practice music and choral singing. Choral singing develops intellect and improves health; it is a means of communication and socialization. Choral singing forms a harmonious organization of the soul being the basis for the construction of the personal and moral consciousness of an individual.