About us

“Selet” is an Environment:

  • It is an environment, which gathers and educates the children, whose main aspirations are knowledge and science, particularly the ones, who have shown their intellectual abilities in different contests and competitions.
  • It is an environment, where talented children and young scientists get acquainted with each other and with well-known tutors and can get help in choosing their future profession in accordance with their abilities, as well as in choosing the direction of self-development and lifestyle.
  • It is an environment, where the priority is given to science, knowledge and intellect. At the same time, great attention is paid to holding of various cultural and sports events.
  • It is an environment with all the necessary conditions created for study and improvement of the Tatar language and for communication in it. Along with this, the Russian language and foreign languages are regularly used in communication and education.

“Selet” is a Movement:

It is a youth movement with high self-organization, which runs educational camps in more than ten districts of Tatarstan, in Russia’s various regions and abroad. This movement invites thousands of young Tatars from all the places where Tatars live, as well as schoolchildren of other nationalities who want to participate in the educational camps and learn the Tatar language, and engages them in the course of the year in hundreds of events, dozens of large forums and festivals.

“Selet” is a System:

  • It is a system, which is aimed at uniting, drawing together and educating the gifted children (10-12 thousand children each year participate in the activities of “Selet”). To achieve this, the necessary infrastructure and facilities have been created (“Selet Home” in Kazan, “Selet – Fensar” Youth Academic Town in Bilyarsk, “Selet – Iske Kazan Craftsmen’s Town”, “Selet – Zvezdnyj” children’s recreation centre near Kazan, dozens of educational holiday camps in various districts of Tatarstan and regions of Russia, “Prague School” (Czech Republic)).
  • It is a system, which attracts teachers and specialists, both nurtured in “Selet” and from the outside of “Selet”.
  • It is a system, which originated in 1994 at the initiative of several enthusiastic teachers and was built with the support of the leaders of the Republic of Tatarstan and public authorities and institutions. Currently, it carries out active work with gifted children and talented youth.

“Selet” is a Technology

It is a technology of uniting the gifted children and carrying out systemic work with them in conjunction with community organizations and public authorities.

It is a technology of creating an educational and educative youth environment, which leads to the improvement of society.

It is a social technology of educating the children in ethno-cultural environment, in a spirit of international mutual understanding, interethnic and interreligious tolerance, which can serve as an example for the whole of Russia.


  • Identifying and selecting gifted children and talented youth and working with them throughout a year
  • Supporting them in their social and professional formation
  • Participating in forming of an intellectual and spiritual elite characterized by progressive thinking and the ability to keep up the harmony of human values and ethnic identity
  • Widely integrating the idea of priority of intellectual and moral values in a civilized society.


  • To grow up and develop aiming at the good and not pushing off the bad.
  • “Selet” is an educating, but not a re-educating environment.
  • All together we are beyond the politics, but politics can be in each of us and each of us can be in politics.
  • “Selet” is an environment of ethnic and confessional tolerance and of spiritual and intellectual freedom.
  • “Selet” is an environment of possibilities for social and psychological adaptation and development of a gifted individual.