The republican youth conference of science and practice "The reading of Anvar Hairy"

«Әнвәр Хәйри укулары»

In 2-3rd December in SEC "Fensar" will be the republican youth conference of science and practice "The reading of Anvar Hairy".

Anvar Hairy was an expert in Islam, was a Professional translator, a gifted publicist, and at the same time, he became the mentor and the reliable friend for us and for thousands of children and adults, grown in the Selet.

For decades he has given knowledge to the Selet activists about minerals of the ancient settlement of Bilyarsk by means of translating Bagdad Ibn Fadlan's records, embassy secretary, to Tatar language. Thus, Anvar Hairy cultivated love in children to the Bilyarsk, its the history and historical monuments.