Bailar Sabasy

Dates: June, 28 - July, 18

Participants: schoolchildren of grades 7-11

“Selet-Bailar Sabasy” is an intellectual session, which is held on the territory of the Sabinsky municipal district. In this camp, children receive complementary knowledge in the following fields: “Tatar language”, “Journalism” and “Computer Science”. The conception of this camp is based on the principles of “soul ecology” and careful attitude towards the environment. The participants of this session are mainly winners of Olympiads in Humanities and creative contests.

The aim of this project is to build motivation to knowledge acquisition and creative activity in the participants as the basics for the development of a harmonious individual.

The main tasks of this camp are:

- incorporating the idea of priority of the intellect in the civilized society;

- creating conditions for increasing the competitiveness of the school leavers of rural schools.


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