Dates: June, 25 - July, 8

Participants: schoolchildren of grades 7-11

“Rukhiyat” creative and dramatic specialized session is a launch pad for fulfilling of the creative potential of gifted children and talented youth in the sphere of arts and culture.

The objective of this project is to give a strong impetus to gifted children and youth in their spiritual and professional formation, to help the schoolchildren fulfil their potential.

“Rukhiyat” is aimed at:

- creating a launch pad for the development of creative abilities and skills;

- forming a new vision of the Tatar drama and educating a “new” spectator of the Tatar theatre, who is able to assess, understand and accept;

- identifying and encouraging creative skills and unconventional thoughts.

“Rukhiyat” began its work in 2000 in Almetyevsk with the participation of 60 children. In 2011, for the first time F. Bikchantaev Drama School was held for 70 children from various parts of the Republic of Tatarstan and regions of Russia. In 2013, the project continued its work at the “Chulpan” children’s recreation centre in the Atninsky district. In 2014, the number of participants has risen to 140 people.


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