Dates: August, 3-20

Participants: schoolchildren of grades 5-11

The programme of the “Selet-Shakhes” specialized educational summer camp is aimed at developing the creativity in children and at educating competitive individuals. During this session, children have an excellent opportunity to attend creative workshops, such as film directing, scriptwriting and acting, video creativity, stage speech, vocal singing and team building.

The tutors are prominent figures of culture and art, as well as leaders of the best KVN teams of the Republic of Tatarstan, who act in the central and TV KVN Leagues. After lunch, experienced teachers and graduate students of higher education institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan give classes in the form of creative workshops and special courses in the following areas: “Tatar language and literature”, “What? Where? When?” intellectual game, “Photo Art”, “Turkish language”, “Dance” and “Vocal singing”.

Along with the educational programme, this session has plenty of cultural, entertainment and sports events.

One of the most important events of the session is the final KVN game, which distinguishes the team that has best mastered the basics of this game.


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