2014 The number of participants of “Selet”’s 3rd International Youth Educational Forum has risen to 5,000 people. Among them are gifted children and talented youth from the Republic of Tatarstan, Republic of Crimea and other regions of Russia, as well as compatriots from countries of the near and far abroad. This Forum traditionally takes place on the territory of the Bilyarsk Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve. The educational programme of the Forum is extensive and includes multidisciplinary educational seminars, trainings and workshops on the topics of self-education, leadership, personal growth, organizational skills, intercultural communication and business fundamentals.

At the General Assembly of the Youth Forum of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held in Istanbul (Turkey), the status of the “Selet” community as member of the OIC Youth Forum on behalf of the Russian Federation is officially confirmed.

Summarizing the results of the year, more than 12,000 gifted children and talented youth have participated in “Selet”’s projects and activities. Moreover, “Selet” has run 20 specialized summer camps in the Republic of Tatarstan and neighboring regions – the Republic of Chuvashia and Bashkortostan. Besides, two new projects have been implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan – “Bolgar – Tugan Tel” tent camp for 600 children from 10 regions of Russia and “Agyydel” Forum of Project Management in Aktanysh.

“Selet” begins to implement its institutional projects in a new format, which provides a new quality of work aimed at supporting the gifted children and talented youth: Centre of Giftedness, Centre of Initiatives, International Centre of Educational Technologies, Media Centre, Club.
2013 On behalf of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan R.N. Minnikhanov, “Selet” starts the reconstruction of the “Dubok” recreation centre and the construction of the new year-round “Selet-Fensar” Youth Academic Centre (Bilyarsk). 

“Selet” launches its new project – “Selet” KVN (Club of the Funny and the Inventive) Leage, which brings together the participants of “Selet”’s different projects who enjoy playing this game.
2012 For the first time in the Republic of Tatarstan, thanks to the support of the President of the republic R.N. Minnikhanov, “Selet”’s traditional Festival of Intellectual Creativity acquires a new format and the status of the International Youth Educational Forum. More than 3,000 talented children from Tatarstan and countries of the near and far abroad take part in its educational programmes.

Thanks to the support of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan R.N. Minnikhanov, “Selet” receives its own “Home” in the heart of the city – “Selet Home” on 23 Ostrovsky street.
2010 Celebration of the 15th anniversary of the “Selet” movement takes place at the “UNICS” Culture and Sports Complex of the Kazan State University. 
2009 Selet holds the 1st “Iske Kazan” Tatarstan Republic Festival of Gifted Children and Youth. 
2008 “Selet” organizes the 1st “Jisem” Kazan Film Festival of Gifted Children and Youth. More than 20 films participate in the contest. 
2007 “Selet-Prague” Scientific School on “Information Technology: Computer Linguistics, Media and PR Technologies” is held for the first time at the “Anna” recreation centre (Sternberg, Czech Republic). 

“Selet” wins the “50 Best Innovative Ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan” Contest in the “The Most Successful Social Project” nomination. “Selet” TRYSF together with the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences and Kazan State University develop the “TatSoft-3” project.
2006 The Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Nurgaliyevich Minnikhanov takes part in the work of the 10th Tatarstan Republic Festival of Intellectual Creativity of Gifted Children and Youth and announces the plans of building “Selet-Fensar” Youth Academic Town based at the “Dubok” children’s recreation centre. 
2005 “Selet-Raushan-2005” educational summer camp takes place for the first time at the “Zvezdnyj” children’s recreation centre. (Up to that moment “Selet” was held at the following places: 1994 – Arsk, 1995 – Zelenodolsk, 1996 – Nizhnekamsk, 1997 – Almetyevsk, 1998 – Chistopol, 1999 – Elabuga, 2000-2004 – Zelenodolsky district, Iljinka.)
2004 A delegation from “Selet” takes part in the “Slavic Bridge – Children’s Diplomacy” International Conference of Local History in Nessebar (Bulgaria).

Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the “Selet” movement takes place at the Saidashev State Big Concert Hall. Among the guests are academician M.I. Makhmutov, Deputy Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan R.A. Ratnikova and Minister of Youth Affairs, Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan M.M. Bariev.
2003 “Selet” TRYSF receives the Musa Jalil Award for active social work on creating the system of social and psychological adaptation of gifted children and youth upon the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan (№99 from 17.01.2003).

“Selet” Youth Centre is founded by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan (№54 from 28.01.2003). 
2002 “Selet” holds the winter session of the “Fensar – Intellectual Constellation” Scientific Full-Time and Distance School for Children. 64 students attend the session. 

 “Selet”’s project of “Fensar – Intellectual Constellation” Tatarstan Republic Full-Time and Distance Year-round Academic and Health School for Children receives 2nd level grant from the Ministry of Education in the Russian Federation in the All-Russia Contest of Youth Programmes. The project of “Selet-Fensar” Youth Academic Town wins the first prize.

“Selet” holds the 1st Rustem Bikmullin Tatarstan Republic Festival of Amateur Song based at the “Baitik” computer camp. 140 gifted children and youth of the Republic of Tatarstan take part in the Festival.
2001, March 16 “Selet” presents the “Selet-Fensar” Youth Academic Town and its architectural model at the seminar, which is held in conjunction with the State Committee of Youth and Children`s Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Administration of Alekseevsky district and the Institute of History of the Republic of Tatarstan. 
1999, July-August The programme of “Selet” Educational and Scientific Holiday Camps receives 3rd level grant from the Department for Youth Policy of the Russian Federation. 
1997-1998 “Selet” Tatarstan Republic Youth Social Fund (TRYSF) is registered with the Ministry of Justice. 
The 1st “Selet” Festival takes place in the Bilyarsk Cultural and Historical Museum-Reserve attended by 120 students from the Republic of Tatarstan.

“Selet” wins the first prize in the Tatarstan Republic Contest of Specialized Summer Camps.

“Selet” holds its first Tatarstan Republic Counselors Contest among the students of pedagogical colleges in conjunction with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tatarstan.

“Selet” runs its first specialized summer camp on the Black sea (Tuapse).
1995 The “Selet” Сlub starts its work. It unites more than 150 students. 
1994, June “Selet” computer camp takes place in the town of Arsk based at the Arsk pedagogical college and the Arsk physical and mathematical school №1. 65 children from 7 districts and cities of the Republic of Tatarstan and from Moscow attend the camp.