• Диляра Якубова

    Руководитель проекта
    +7 (917) 852-64-08
  • Гульшат Габдрахманова

    Специалист центра образования и образовательных технологий


The “Belekech" project is a space that collects and develops children of preschool and primary school age, parents or one of whose parents grew up in the Selet environment (in the Selet family).


The Educational laboratory “Sanak-lab”

The educational program includes preparation for computer programming competitions, studying of computer linguistics and speech technologies, web-development and robotics; the creation of mobile applications and computer games, the study of 3d-modeling.


THE “Fansar” school

The “Fansar" school, named after M. I. Mahmutova, is realised in the form of part-time schools, the teachers of are professors of the leading Russian universities. An online school is carried out within the framework of the project, and also the session is held there.