Participants of the 3d Kazan OIC Youth Entrepreneurship Forum

Участники III Казанского форума молодых предпринимателей стран ОИС

On 15 May 2017 authors of IT start-up projects from the OIC countries and the Russian Federation will gather in Kazan to make business contacts and to attract investments for IT start-ups.

The Forum is founded and organised by the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF – DC) and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. The event operator is Tatarstan Youth Public Foundation "SELET" supported by the State Autonomous Institution "High Technology Technopark "IT-Park" and Oxademy Business School.

52 participants aged 18-35 from such countries as Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen, Palestine and Russian Federation will come to Kazan to develop their IT startups.

The project "Cure" from Tunisia is going to solve one of the global issues related to physical disabilities by providing 3D printed myoelectric prosthetic limbs with an affordable price, to help amputees to have a normal life and by using their new artificial organs.

The project "Recyclo" from Lebanon offers a suite of services that helps recyclable commodities traders and recyclers trade scraps and recyclables at the local level and across borders and navigate price volatilities.

The project "Smart Brain Communicator" from Pakistan supports the idea of effective communication for people after going through unfortunate accidents. Stroke is one of the major causes of aphasia, a disorder of communication which makes the patient unable to communicate. It becomes really difficult to get the feedback from such patients. Due to no communication patients also suffer from psychological problems which make the recovery process slower. Effective communication can speed up the recovery process.

Participants have been already cooperating with mentors since the beginning of this year on OIC STARTUP PLATFORM. There are about 400 applicants on OIC Startup Platform. And only 52 of them were invited to the Forum in Kazan.

Coaches, speakers and partners from different countries will be working with them during the Forum. Some of the participants are coming the second time to take part in the event.

"Events like Kazan Youth Forum is just what is needed to turn the contemporary immature entrepreneurs into successful leaders of the future. Insight and the guidance , truthfully provided by the speakers at the forum was something I was lacking before, which really changed my view for the better, towards my own project. So decorously arranged, the cultural dance, sightseeing, visit to The Kazan Kremlin, everything was totally smooth and exciting. You get to meet people from so many different cultures and socializing with them further broadens your horizon. Last but not the least, the guys behind this event, the team , the attaches, did a tremendous job throughout. From the moment I got the acceptance email till I boarded the bus back to Kazan Airport, they had it all covered. I would totally love to be there again", – Moeez Ali, Pakistan.