Grant of participating in summer camps of Selet

Приглашаем соотечественников в лагеря Сәләт!

We are pleased to announce a contest among our compatriots residing in abroad countries for the grant of participating in summer camps of Selet in 2018.

Are you between 12 and 18 years old? Do you or your close relatives come from Tatarstan, but now you live abroad? Then this competition is for you! Get a chance to come this summer to Tatarstan to see the beauty of Kazan and, most importantly, to become a participant in one of the summer camps of the Selet community! The programme includes interesting classes, sports activities, cultural events and unforgettable emotions! You will also take part in the Selet International Educational Forum with thousands of other talented and enthusiastic children and youth from the Republic of Tatarstan, dozens of regions of Russia and other countries.

Take part in the contest and spend an unforgettable time filled with new acquaintances, emotions and knowledge in your historic homeland. 

Participate in:

- "Selet-Ostalar bistase" (11-24 June);
- "Selet-Raushan" (26 June-13 July);
- "Selet-Ruhiyat" (24 June-9 July);
- "Selet-Yar challi" (24 June-9 July);
- "Selet-Bilyar kalasi" (27 June-10 July);
- "Selet-Sanak" (13 July-26 July); 
- "Selet-Akbure" (29 July-11 August).

Are you with us? Then do fill out the application form! Regulation