IT Park Kazan continues hosting Youth Entrepreneurship Forum participants

Продолжается Форум молодых предпринимателей стран ОИС

On 17th of May IT Park Kazan continues hosting Youth Entrepreneurship Forum participants. This time young entrepreneurs have had 4 educational sessions: "The Startup Vibe: A Joint Digital Venture" by Nikita Podlipskiy, SHAKA TECHNOLOGIES, where the speaker was sharing his entrepreneur experience and shared his opinion on: why is failure also important, what kind of people are best for your business team and what kind of people are better in managing technical issues, and who is better in managing marketing issues; "When Borders Lose Meaning "Cross-national projects" by Michael Karlov, Adex Innovation, who had shared: the information about the most common words in IT industry, about the IT arithmetics and about internet business on the example of pizza selling companies; "How do investors choose projects?" By Yaroslav Shvetsov, Representive of Investment Fund "KamaFlow", who had given some advices to all the participants about how to impress investors and how to convince them to invest in your project; "Importance of pivots on example of existing start-up projects" by Ed Kevbrin, International start-up "Eggs TV", Alumni of the Accelerator "Sabantuy CEO Camp" who have shared his point of view on why pivots are important if you are a Start upper and about the important schemes for developing your business.

Each lecture was directed to educate the future entrepreneurs and to discuss about how to build an international project? How to attract investors and how to impress them? As Nikita Podlipskiy (one of the Forum speakers) have said, this Forum is a very good chance not only for participants, but also for speakers, especially if they are also entrepreneurs and know how to do this job, and maybe some of them could be very interested in cooperation with young and ambitious businessmen. After the educational sessions, all the participant have had a chance to meet Anton Grachev Director of the High technology park "IT-park".

"It's a big honor for us to participate in this event, because we all know what IT-entrepreneur is, and our IT Park is the best place to host this Forum. Our team is trying to manage all the educational sessions in 5 days, and it's not easy, because usually it takes months. So, all the participant have a great chance to educate themselves just in 5 days." Anton Grachev It had to be said, that in the end of the Forum, all the participants are going to present their projects, after what the best projects are going to be showed to the President of Tatarstan Republic R.N.Minnikhanov.