Dzhavdet Suleymanov: «Playing chess as a life model»

Джавдет Сулейманов: «В шахматах – как в жизни…»

Great news from the Selet Club – 19th of October started it work the Selet Chess Club. In the article the Director General of the «Selet» Youth Foundation Dzhavdet Suleymanov speaks about the philosophy of the chess.

- Dzhavdet abiy, we know that you like playing chess. Is it your hobby?

- Somewhere deep inside I really love this game. There is a cult of this game in our family. My father was a Tatar language teacher but he had a mathematical mind, he was a strong chess player. From my childhood I remember when my father won a school teachers’ chess contest and he was granted with a samovar.

Another strong impression that made me love chess with all my heart had happened at the University. It was a chess boom. It was even stronger and larger than hockey or football. There is a anecdote story when in 1972 I had to pass algebra and geometry exam. My teaching professors were avid chess players. That fact helped to pass the exam.

Always and everywhere we were playing chess, but suddenly youth stopped playing this game. From the very beginning I wanted to cultivate chess in “Selet”

- When did you start cultivating chess in «Selet»?

- In 1995 Radis Kabirov (Tatar gymnasium teacher) came to «Selet» community with his student. It was a camp in Zelenodolsk. That year his student won a chess contest. In 2002 we founded a «Atlant» chess club and organized first winter session in Kazan. Later we invited Gata Kamskiy to participate in «Selet» summer camps. Since 2002 in the framework of «Selet» summer camps we annually organize chess contests. In March 2015 «Selet» activists organized a special chess contest dedicated to my 60-years anniversary. The younges participant was 7 years old and the maturest was more than 60.

- We see that you often play chess with “Selet” activists. Has anybody ever won you?

- Yes. I don't remember their names, but they remember for sure. But honestly speaking I haven't played seriosly with anybody.

- Dzhavdet abiy, what would you like to wish and suggest to «Selet» chess club participants?

- Remember that the most important is to participate. Chess is a special game where the victory is not so important. Chess is a training for brains. Victory is always great, but it's impossible to win all the time. Don't be afraid of losing. Every lost is a lesson. Good luck dear friends!