Elshad Iskenderov: " It's always a pleasure to see how our joint projects have a great success here!"

Эльшад Искендеров: «Организация выросла в мощное молодежное движение!»

Today under Kazan Summit 2017 took place IT STARTUP EXPO Investment Session of the III Kazan OIC Entrepreneurship forum.

OIC Forum transferred into a powerful youth movement with representatives all over Russian Federation and abroad.

It should be noted that Russian Federation is an observer in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. According to the Charter, "Selet" is able to represent Russia in Islamic Conference for Dialog and Cooperation. Thanks to Timur Suleymanov and his organizations abilities. Moreover the head of "Selet" is one of the 11 board members of Islamic Conference Youth Forum of Dialoge and Cooperation. 

"Thank you very much! Always glad to be with you in Kazan.For me, Kazan is the second motherland,my home. It's always a pleasure to come back to Kazan,to meet friends and to see how our joint projects have a great success here - said the President of the OIC Forum Elshad Iskenderov.

About 1000 people applied for OIC STARTUP PLATFORM. 400 of them had the opportunity to communicate with mentors for 2 months on the platform that were created by IT-Park and Oxademy. 52 applicants from the OIC and Russian regions were selected to represent their startups - Timur Suleymanov

Together with Selet we are preparing the programme for the Forum. We are trying to find mentors, experts and investors for the participants. We are spreading our expertise for people far away by creating this platform and promoting it - Anton Grachev, Head of IT-Park.

Last year I understood the importance of the Forum and decided to be the part of it. I was as an investor on the Forum and on KazanSummit 2016, but this year I am working as a partner. At this time last year we have already decided to create the online startup platform , which will work all year and help participant from OIC countries. And we did it! - Syed Shahzad.