V Kazan International UN Model

V Казанская Международная Модель Организации Объединенных Наций

12-15 of November the House of «Sәlәt» was hosting V Kazan International UN Model.

Kazan International UN Model a role game where participants can feel themselves real diplomats and representatives of different countries. In Kazan UN Model is being organized since 2011. 

2015 is a year of 70th anniversary of the United Nations which unites States to maintain and strengthen the international peace and security. With the same purpose 100 young participants of the Kazan UN Model from several countries during 12-15 of November were searching for the solution of world wide problems. The role game gives a great experience to all the participants to improve their skills in negotiation, public speaking, conflict resolution.  

Dinara Garaeva, the Secretary-General of the V Kazan International UN Model: 

- Everything is in our hands! Each of us has many ideas but we can make them true only if we are united.

Dilbar Sadykova, the Head of the Academy of youth diplomacy: 

- Today we need to start negotiations that, I hope, will lead to productive results. I wish you success!

Timur Suleymanov, the Executive Director of the «Selet» foundation:

- Earth is our common home and we should try our best to keep it in harmony. I wish you a fruitful work.