The Discussion club in Tatar language “Besnen fiker!”

The project “Besnen fiker!” is realised in order to increase the activity and civil upbringing of youth, in order to form a critical and analytical thinking, to join the mastery of public speaking, and, of course, to  promote the Tatar language and the culture.

The project is a winner of the Annual award “Samrukh 2015” (nominated for the “project of the year”).

 On Wednesdays at 18:00 within the framework of the club will held discussions of various formats, debates and master classes with the participation of well-known people of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Participation is open to school children from the age of 14, students of colleges and universities of the Republic of Tatarstan  

The head of the project is Leysan Minnullina:

- The Selet space, especially the “Besnen fiker” project, became the opportunity to improve myself. Each person, who came to our great team, not only develops his speaking skills and ability to think correctly, but also develops and grows with us. Being in a native language environment, and to  communicate with the same talented participants and guests, to whom we need be equal, is awesome, believe me!