Counselors School

"The counselors’ school” – is a big project, which the first time was realized in 2002. The project was called “The school – as the competition of counselors’ mastery”, “The counselors’ school” before 2014. In 2014 it grew and here were taken the decision to carry out the school not only for the counselors but also for the heads of the summer Selet camps’ shifts. In 2015  the  School-Competition of the counselors’ mastery, which called “The counselors school”, had two derections: the school and the  competition. The competition is held at the end of the October as the summarizing event of the School and the activities of the summer shifts.

So, here are three directions of the “Counselors’s school” project:

1. The year-round school for the counselors “The counselors’ school”:

- The full-time occupation once in two weeks in the Selets’ house;

 - The exit schools of the couselors’ mastery during the holidays.

 - The Tatar language lessons;

- The preparation for interviews with the heads of the summer camps shifts.

 The first lesson in the 2017/2018 academic year will taken place October 18 at 18.30 in Selet’s house (Ostrovskogo 23, Kazan).

Applications for The counselors’ school are accepted in the link:

 2. The competition of the leaders ' mastery “The counselors mastery”

The Dates: October 20-23.

 Location: in the SEC “Fansar” (Bilyarsk).

 You can find out all details about the competition and apply If you visit:

  About the contest

 In 2016 “The counselors’ competition” was the stage of selection for the Annual “Samrukh” award in the nomination “The counselor of the year”. This year the winner will be defined in the competition and the awarding ceremony will be held at the ceremony of the “Samrukh-2017” prize.

 3. The School of leaders of Selet’s summer camps “The school of the heads”

 The training is divided into few units:

- Full-time studies

- The exit heads’ school