The “Belekech" project is a space that collects and develops children of preschool and primary school age, parents or one of whose parents grew up in the Selet environment (in the Selet family).

“Belekech” includes:

- The Children's “Belekech” club – is a year-round classes in the Selet House and outings within the  club's program framework .

- exit sessions of the Selet families in the SEC “Fansar" (Bilyarsk, Alekseevsky district);

- The“Belekech” playground is under the International Selet forum (Bilyarsk, Alekseevsky district).

The goal of the project is to create conditions for revealing the potential of the child, its harmonious and full development of their personalities.

The main objectives of the project:

- to provide opportunities for learning and fascinating knowledge of the world;
- the formation of a space in which special attention is paid to the personal growth (not comparing the children with each other, and comparing the child with himself);
- to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, and the space for the children's emotional calmness ;
- the formation of a linguistic environment in which the main language of communication is the Tatar language, and also Russian and foreign languages ​​are actively used here, both in the communicational and in the educational purpose.