Rustem Bikmullin Tatarstan Republic Music and Poetry Festival BikaFest

This Festival is held since 2001 with the support of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan, “Selet” Fund and JSC “Kazan Plant of Synthetic Rubber” to immortalize the name of a good friend of the “Selet” community Rustem Talgatovich Bikmullin. Among the “BikaFest” winners of different years there are well-known Tatar singers, such as Asylyar, Ilnaz Safiullin, Aydar Suleymanov, Leysan Askhatova, Milyausha Safina, and poets Gulnaz Garipova, Yoldyz Minnullina, Lilia Gibadullina, Leysan Fatkhutdinova, Alina Bikmullina, Rifat Salakhov, among others.

“Bikafest” Festival puts forward and fulfils the following tasks:

- drawing the attention of the government bodies and the public to the problems of gifted children and youth, to the importance of continuous and purposeful work with them, of their early identification, support and creation of necessary conditions for revealing their talent and abilities;

- identifying gifted children and youth in the field of amateur song and poetry and helping them in their development;

- forming the aesthetic taste and musical culture in children and youth;

- promoting the perception of gifted children and youth as the intellectual and spiritual potential of the republic;

- immortalizing the memory of a friend of the gifted children and youth of the Republic of Tatarstan, author and performer of bard songs Rustem Bikmullin.

Every year about 200 children and youth aged between 12 and 22 participate in this Festival and compete in such nominations as “The best amateur performer”, “The best performer of a bard song”, “The best reciter”, etc.