“Selet” Lecture Centre

“Selet” Lecture Centreholds monthly meetings with successful people in different spheres of life. The project is carried out in three different formats – public lectures, success stories and lectures in TED format.

Public lectures are meetings with famous people, politicians, businesspersons, leaders of non-governmental organizations, scientists and educators. This format is for specialized, narrow topics.

Success stories are meetings with famous people who share their secrets of success and personal experience with the audience and motivate them to personal growth and development.

Lectures in TED format are short lectures on various topics from speakers who primarily want to convey to the audience their unique ideas, views on life and possible solutions of social problems. The project has been carried out at the “Selet Home” since 2014.

The aim of this project is to widen the outlook of schoolchildren and university students in various spheres of life.