Dina Gabdrakhmanova

The Curator of two "Selet-Bua" clubs

- How did you join the Selet community ?

 - In 2010 my sister went to the "Selet Tel" shift. Then my parents sent me to the "Selet Shehes". August 2010 was the year of my beginning in the Selet community and the beginning, probably, of all beginnings.

-What are your three most favourite shifts in Selet?

- "Selet Tel", "Selet-Shchhes" and "Selet-Raushan".

- And yet, "Tel", "Shehes" or "Raushan"?

- RAUSHAN! He raised me up, taught me,fell in love, gave me opportunities and gave me laugher and tears of joy! #raushanhyorakte

- Compare Selet of those times and today's Selet.

- Selet, definitely, has changed. In a good way or bad, everyone decides for himself. Selet is growing. It is impossible not to change because we are changing and growing and, therefore, Selet is developing too. For me, Selet's shifts are still cozy, and it still has the "warm" people and reliance. 

- Do you have a yellow tie?

- Yes. I received it in 2011 after my third time in the "Shehes" shift. But more and more consciously I worked in the "Raushan" shift in 2015-2016.

- Selkesh is ...

A person with a big and kind heart, he has so many goals, which he achieves, but he still has many experiences inside of him, and the counselor can help him to disperse them. 

- Do you remember your first counselors?"

- I remember! Aigul apa and Elmira apa.

- Councelor is ...

- A superhero with a huge kind heart, he is smart, talented and hungry. (Laughs) Councelor - is a sensei not only to some subject or direction, but also to the way of thinking, and to the way of his life; he is an example for all people!

- Tell me, what are you busy with in Selet?

- I am the Curator of two "Selet-Bua" clubs and I am the counselor. 

- In your opinion, what projects do we need?

- I think that it would be good to conduct master classes in music, namely, in the modern directions. That is teaching beatbox, and working with the mixer. Maybe to hold different competitions in future. 

- What are you doing besides the activities in Selet?

- I finished the 3 course of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration branch (earlier the banking college), I am trying to combine my studies with work.

- Tell us about your success.

- Success? This is probably what makes me happy? Or what have I changed in myself? If so, then I'm glad that I changed my parents' attitude towards me, that I became more independent. Success is when children write that they have done something, won or they are involved somewhere. Then you feel success and feel proud for them!

- Your wishes to the selkeshes?

- Do it! Do Everything that comes to your hand, try everything and learn. Develop yourself and share it with others. But, the most important is never stand still.


Yakupov Aidar

The participant of Selet projects

- How did you join the Selet community? 

- I got to the Selet by accident! (Laughs)
I studied in 10th class. That moment I did not know about Selet. One day Timur coaxed me to send a request. And I got into the "Selet Raushan".

-3 the most favorite shifts in Selet.

- "Selet Raushan", "Isge shishme", "Bolgar Tugan Tel" and "Selet-Bya", although I wasn't there, I really enjoy this camp. 

- Compare Selet of those times and today's Selet. 

- For example, a lot of people say that Selet is not the same, it has changed, and I agree with that! We don't stay in the one position: we are trying ,we are developing and Selet is developing with us too. We should understand that Selet is we, and future depends on us! 

- Selkesh – is... 

- In my opinion, it is a child with a big potential. May he be like others but he still has some special features. There is something inside of him which will flourish if you help. That is why we shoud not divide children into talented and not so talented,probably someone did not get a help and that is why he didn't flourish. And we, counselors, have to help them to open their talents. 

- Do you remember your first counselors?
- Robert aby Murtazin and Elza apa Bulatova (nowadays Sagirova)
They helped me to feel the atmosphere of Selet ,to feel community drive, I am so thankful for that. 

- Counselor is -... 
- This is a person who takes a responsibility for children. I am not afraid to say that counselor is a chicken who teaches his chics everything he knows by himself. Counselor is a father and mother at the same time during the shift, who will lead them on the right track,who will help them in difficult situations and share all their happiness and unhappiness with them. 

- Tell us ,what are you doing in Selet now. 

- Now I am the head of two Selet clubs: "Selet Aksybai" and "Selet Yashel Uzen". Moreover, I take part in different projects during the year, and I go like a counselor to the Selet Raushan and Samara, I was in a count of organizers of "Bikafest 2016" and "Bolgar Tugan Tel".

- What projects do we need ,in your opinion. 

- I think, that we need active events. I will be so glad to take part in some volleyball championships, floorball or in another spot events. I definitely support these projects like "The football Selet League" or "Selet is running", where the Selet activists can fight for the title of the strongest selkesh/counselor/ head.

- What are you doing besides activities in Selet? 

- Besides Selet activities I am the activist of Russian search traffic. We are looking for the remains of soldiers of the Great Patrionic War, we go on expeditions to the places of operations. We search for relatives and friends of the soldiers forgotten by war. Furthermore, I am interested in motor sport. I have been karting for 3 years ,that is why I usually visit different motor sport competitions and in addition, I am going to take part in motor sport competition. Moreover, I enjoy active sport: in winter I play hockey, go skiing and snowboarding, and in summer I take part in amateur athletics, where usually I get prizes.

- Tell us about your achievements.

- I am not used talking about my achievements. But it seems to me ,that counselor's success depends on selkeshs' love. You can be the coolest sportsmen , dancer ,singer doesn't matter! If children don't love you ,you can not consider that you are successful counselor. But also I got the 2nd prize in athletics. During the belt activities we found 76 Red Army soldiers, and two of them we helped to find his relatives thereby bringing calmness for their relatives. All soldiers were buried with military honors in the mass grave of the Leningrad region. 

- Your favorite words and phrases in Tatar language. 

- Quotes: "Bulmas Dime", Eitkensen iken, eshle ",Eide inde tizrek", "yoklap kitesen heser"

Your wishes for selkeshes. 

- I wish not to stay in the same place, always strive for something new, open new horizons, and of course , find your destination, open yourself from the new sides. You have to know, that you can more than you think! You shouldn't restrict yourself! Take a chance!


Ilnaz Nasretdinov

The Selet Activist

-How did you join the Selet community? 

- It happened in 2011. I started cycle racing and I needed a good expensive staff. That is why I started searching for the options. My brother called and said : "Do you want to get a cool and absolutely free bicycle?" Without hesitation, I said : "Of course!" One condition - you have to win it in the competition from the "Kol sharif onyklary" shift. However, I was a closed person and I didn't believe in myself . I was afraid of everything. Then I knew about Selet, although my brother told me a lot about the forum under the sun in the field and so on. I could believe in myself after the participation and winning in the competition. From that day Rufat Kiyamov and I became the president and the minister of "Selet-KSHO "

- Compare Selet of those times and today's Selet.

- It is complicated to compare. Selet always was powerful and every day it becomes stronger and stronger. Yes ,our space have increased ,compared with that time ,and it is replenished by the children oriented in science. We discover new Horizons. 

- Do you have a yellow tie? 

- Yes, I have. I got it in my first year and in 2012, when I was a selet's child, I got the 3rd degree. It is an honor to get a yellow tie in the first year. During the year I was the activist of the "Selet-Yar Chally" club. I was on the Coordination Council. Rufat Kiyamov and I took part in all youth projects. When I was in 9th grade I studied only 3-4 mouths. 

-Selkesh (Selet's child) - is..

- A difficult question. Selet's child - is an example and a model. He is the future of the country. I think that a child who was in Selet only one time is not a Selet's child. It is unreal to become a leader in the first shift. 

-Do you remember your counselors?

- My first counselor was Airat aby. Such an Interesting person. He had 5 higher education for 23 years (in 2011). And the second counselor was Kamil Sharipov who was the ex-Vice President of Selet club. Kamil Sharipov and I took part together in the "Leader of the year" competition in 2013.

- Counselor is..

- Counselor is an ideal model too. Moreover, he is the bridge from Selet's child to the headship. He is a teacher. I consider that counselor - is an active Selet's child and he is an oficial leader in the detachment. I was only one time like Selet's child,then I was a counselor's assistant repeatedly (we had this function in the "Selet KSHO"). 

-Tell us, what are you doing in Selet now. 

- I spend exactly 4 times a week in Selet. I play in the intellectual league "Mirah". 
In addition,I am going to take 2 shifts next summer. 

- According to your point of view, what projects do we need? 

- I am interested in foreign policy in the community. There is no doubt that everything is cool inside. The projects of camps' shifts and creative projects can prove that. What do we need? I think that we need a hockey league. We can held a 4 day tournament relying on Selet's traditional program in SEC "Fensar". I would like to do it. Once Timur Suleimanov said: "It is absurdly not to use the opportunity!" After participating in the "Leader of the year" competition, I can tell that we need a laboratory,which will prepare people for these projects. 

- What are you doing besides activities in Selet? 

- I am studying for a designer and also for a translator at Kazan State Power Engineering University. I am engaged in Apple technology since school years. I am going to go back to the mountain skiing. 
And now exclusive: after participating in a recent project, I began to think about realizing my old dream. The dream of going to the youth policy. 

-Tell us about your achievements. 

- I have the achievements in sport. I like the fact that I am a self-taught person. I became the head of the "Selet Imekey" shift. Furthermore, I took part in different projects of different spheres, for instance , I took part in the Championship on the solution of business cases ( we wrote projects for the MTS company). There were a lot of things. I think that it is definitely a success If you are everywhere all the time. 

- What are your favorite words and phrases in Tatar language? 

- "Maturym", "selkeshler", "torabys". The lyrics of the "Selet Saba" song. 

- Your wishes to the selet's children.

- Selet's children, no matter what happens ,always be sincere. Stay human! Don't forget that you are the face of Selet. 


Venera Galimova

Our guest - Venera Galimova

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Guest – Ilsur Nafikov

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