THE “Fansar” school

The “Fansar" school, named after M. I. Mahmutova, is realised in the form of part-time schools, the teachers of are professors of the leading Russian universities. An online school is carried out within the framework of the project, and also the session is held there.

This project has been operating for over 3 years and during this time more than 700 people, showed 100% admission to higher educational institutions were the participants of this school.

The project allows to define two priorities:

- finding and development of gifted children, in order to form an intellectual elite in the research centers of Republic of Tatarstan;

- the ability to obtain available, relevant education for students of cities and districts of the Republic of Tatarstan, with a view to realize their educational needs.

The aim of the project:

-To creation the modern educational space with the conditions and opportunities to obtain a quality level of knowledge for different categories of students based on their individual educational needs and based on personalization of the educational process.

 The objectives of the project:

- to create a motivational program for education and research activities as the basis for the development of intellectual and creative abilities of the individual qualities of the gifted child and understand his or her educational demands and needs;

- to create the enabling environment for the communication of extraordinary personalities;

-to involve young people and to develop interests and skills in the information technology sphere;

- to increase the level of personal training of individual and its socialization ;

- to create the conditions for self-education, to form and develop skills of  work and self-monitoring achievements;

- to establish the equal access to the full education of different  categories according to learners’ abilities, personal inclinations and needs;

- provide students with opportunities to develope individual education programs;

- to provide in-depth study of specific subjects of secondary complete general education programs.

 The project’s participants:

 -the school chidren of 9-11 classes;

- the students of 4-5 courses, the  postgraduate students, the candidates of Sciences;

-the councelors with experience in summer Selet camps.