Образовательная лаборатория «Sanak-lab»

The Educational laboratory “Sanak-lab”

The educational program includes preparation for computer programming competitions, studying of computer linguistics and speech technologies, web-development and robotics; the creation of mobile applications and computer games, the study of 3d-modeling.

Клуб настольных игр «Атлант»

The “Atlant” Chess club

Project goal: - actualization of intellectual games and their popularization among young people, through special classes on individual games for children interested in Board games. Project objectives: - promotion of board games among young people, involvement in systematic classes; - identification of gifted children and talented youth.

Дискуссионный клуб на татарском языке «Безнең фикер»

The Discussion club in Tatar language “Besnen fiker!”

The goalof the Club is to support gifted children and talented youth. The objectives of the Club: - identification of gifted young people; - development of analytical thinking, oratorical skills, communicative and managerial competence of participants; - formation of public initiative and active citizenship; - popularization of youth debates in the Republic of Tatarstan; - formation of a culture of public speaking among young people; - popularization of the Tatar language and culture.