Ежегодная премия «Сәмрух»

“Samrukh” award

The annual “Samrukh” award is held to support and encourage gifted children and talented youth of the Selet community, and it is held to recognize merits of the community members, partners, authors and community project organizers.

Школа вожатых Сәләт

Counselors School

"The counselors’ school” – is a big project, which the first time was realized in 2002. The project was called “The school – as the competition of counselors’ mastery”, “The counselors’ school” before 2014. In 2014 it grew and here were taken the decision to carry out the school not only for the counselors but also for the heads of the summer Selet camps’ shifts. In 2015  the  School-Competition of the counselors’ mastery, which called “The counselors school”, had two derections: the school and the  competition.


Selet Image Studio

“Selet” Image Studio is focused on creating the image of the “Selet” community. It is in charge of developing the brand-book and corporate style of “Selet” and manufacturing the original outfit for its projects.



The “Belekech" project is a space that collects and develops children of preschool and primary school age, parents or one of whose parents grew up in the Selet environment (in the Selet family).

Образовательная лаборатория «Sanak-lab»

The Educational laboratory “Sanak-lab”

The educational program includes preparation for computer programming competitions, studying of computer linguistics and speech technologies, web-development and robotics; the creation of mobile applications and computer games, the study of 3d-modeling.

Клуб настольных игр «Атлант»

The “Atlant” Chess club

Project goal: - actualization of intellectual games and their popularization among young people, through special classes on individual games for children interested in Board games. Project objectives: - promotion of board games among young people, involvement in systematic classes; - identification of gifted children and talented youth.