The Psychological center of a personal development “Harmony”

The Psychological center “Harmony” focused on the solution of the social and psychological issues of Selet community members and promotes:

- the social and psychological adaptation for the gifted children in the surrounding space;

- the creation of a special environment for communication and co-creation, which will be comfortable for the gifted person;

- the development of intellectual and creative potential of the individual.

The work of the psychological center “Harmony” is conducted in several directions:

- the psychological support of educational process of the  “Fansar intellectual constellation” school: the diagnosis of cognitive, personal, and social spheres based on the classic and original techniques; the individual and group counseling; the psychological support, and  correction of violations in various spheres;

- the psychological support in the summer Selet camps ,which will be influence to the formation of positive emotional and communicational the Selet community;

- conducting of master-classes and psychological trainings;

- The year-round work with children and students-counselors in a training groups, individual consultations, contributing to the formation and development leadership and organizational abilities.

The work of the psychological center “Harmony” helps gifted children to harmonize relations with adults, peers, family, contributing to the successful adaptation of gifted children to the social environment.