Хор-студия «D’ART»

Choir-Studio - D’art

“D’art” Choir-Studio is a creative project that is aimed at the development of music (vocal) skills of children and youth and creating opportunities for them to practice music and choral singing. Choral singing develops intellect and improves health; it is a means of communication and socialization. Choral singing forms a harmonious organization of the soul being the basis for the construction of the personal and moral consciousness of an individual.

Новогодний бал Сәләт

The “Selet” New year's eve ball

The new year's event «Selet» (hereinafter referred to as the ball) is held with the aim of introducing young people to the cultural heritage through acquaintance with classical works of musical culture, developing cultural communication skills among young men and women, creating conditions that ensure creative self-realization of the ball participants.


First Attempt at Writing

The “First Attempt at Writing” School is an introductory course in Journalism for schoolchildren and undergraduate students who are interested in practicing journalism within the “Selet” Media Center. The School is held in the format of evening lectures. The course is divided into three areas: “Russian Journalism”, “Tatar Journalism” and “Photojournalism”. The teachers are practicing journalists from the media of the Republic of Tatarstan and experts in the media field.

Посвящение в Клуб «Сәләт»

The Initiation into the “Selet” club

The Initiation into the “Selet” club is a solemn introduction ceremony for the beginners of the “Selet” Club, this is, definitely, a long-awaited event, especially by the student beginners, and school children because this is the beginning of their active life in the Selet movement.

Спортивная лига «Сәләт»

The “Selet” Sports League

The sports Committee of the “Selet” Club is an another branch of the club’s activity. The Sports Committee is responsible for conducting sport events and for the development of sport in the Selet community.

Центр общественных инициатив «Вместе с Президентом»

The center for civic initiatives “Together with the President”

It is unimaginable to solve any significant problems, with local and national significance, without the civic engagement. That is why it is necessary to create and provide the conditions, in which the population can be actively involved to solve socially significant issues, and to focus the authorities on existing problems. And moreover, to suggest solutions and realize them. One of the forms, where can be the civic engagement, are the social formal and informal institutional movements.

Центр дополнительного образования «Асылташ»

Centre of Further Education - Asyltash

The Centre of Further Education for Gifted Children and Talented Youth was established in 2014. It is aimed at creating conditions for the students of educational institutions of primary, secondary and higher education to receive additional (to their academic curriculum) knowledge.

Студия звукозаписи «Rif-Records slt»

The Recording “Rif-Records slt” studio

A professional team has been working in this sphere for several years. Therefore, the opening of this Studio in the Fund of “Selet” is an important step in the development of enthusiasts’ activity.