Республиканский молодежный фестиваль короткометражного кино «Jisem»

All-Russian Festival of Children's Cinema Jisem

The “Jisem” Festival is designed as a modern creative platform for those who are willing to create, reveal and develop the new horizons of cinematography. It is intended for those who try to speak about tomorrow and give their vision of the future of the person, the city, the country and the world by means of cinema using bright ideas and innovative approaches.

Посвящение в клуб «Сәләт»

The Initiation into the “Selet” club

The Initiation into the “Selet” club is a solemn introduction ceremony for the beginners of the “Selet” Club, this is, definitely, a long-awaited event, especially by the student beginners, and school children because this is the beginning of their active life in the Selet movement.

Сәләткә нур булган йолдызлар

Seletke nur bulgan yoldyzlar

“Seletke nur bulgan yoldyzlar” is an open literary contest that is held by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan and the “Selet” community together with the “Idel” and “Yalkyn” magazines.

Новогодний бал Сәләт

The “Selet” New year's eve ball

The new year's event «Selet» (hereinafter referred to as the ball) is held with the aim of introducing young people to the cultural heritage through acquaintance with classical works of musical culture, developing cultural communication skills among young men and women, creating conditions that ensure creative self-realization of the ball participants.

Школа «Фәнсар»

THE “Fansar” school

The “Fansar" school, named after M. I. Mahmutova, is realised in the form of part-time schools, the teachers of are professors of the leading Russian universities. An online school is carried out within the framework of the project, and also the session is held there.

Международный форум Сәләт

International Youth Educational “Selet” Forum

The idea of the forum is to create the educational environment that unites youth, passionate about intellectual creativity, interested in spiritual and cultural enrichment. The forum is the real territory of the Tatar – Russian bilingualism, the platform for exchange of experience and ideas in the field of education and Technology.