KVN League

The “Selet” KVN League is a youth creative project that is aimed at identifying and supporting creative youth through providing them with the opportunity of enhancing their acting and scriptwriting skills.

The “Selet” KVN League project is implemented in the form of the games of the Club of the Funny and the Inventive that are edited by the KVN professionals of the Republic of Tatarstan. The winner team of the season in the “Selet” KVN League takes part in the final competitions of the Students KVN League. The “Selet” KVN League holds the KVN School for high school and university students and supervises the “Selet-Shakhes” summer session.

This project has the following aims:

- educating active and creative individuals by means of involving them in this popular game;

- organizing cultural activities and attracting the active participants of “Selet” to the amateur art;

- expanding the possibilities for creative communication of the active participants of “Selet”.

The first “Selet” KVN team was “Udar Tatar” (participant of the XXIII and XXIV International Festival of KVN Teams in Sochi). This team was created in 2005 and it laid foundation for the “Selet” KVN League.

The Club of the Funny and the Inventive of the Republic of Tatarstan supervises the work of the “Selet” KVN League.