Education and Recreation Centre at the Children’s Recreation Centre - Zvezdnyj

The idea of the “Selet” Education and Recreation Centre is to transform the “Zvezdnyj” (Star-like) children’s recreation centre (Laishevsky district, Trinity village, 30 km from Kazan, 10 ha) into an attractive centre of recreation and development of gifted children and youth. The aim of this Centre is to contribute to the accumulation of the intellectual potential of the republic, to the spiritual improvement of the society, to providing of the meaningful content to the concepts of “ecology of a person” (“soul ecology”, “culture ecology”, “language ecology”) and “ecology of nature” that are being actively “preached” by the scientists.

The “Selet-Zvezdnyj” Education and Recreation Centre is an environment of social and psychological adaptation, health improvement and development of gifted children and youth. It is an intellectual, spiritual and moral incubator with all the conditions created for safe holiday, practicing healthy lifestyle and familiarizing with the deep traditions of the peoples of the Republic of Tatarstan. 
The “Artek” and “Orlenok” educational recreation centres serve as reference for the “Selet” Education and Recreation Centre.

The tasks of this Centre include the creation of the necessary conditions for the development of the Tatar language and the Tatar language communication environment while providing a friendly atmosphere, harmony and comfort for each participant of the summer sessions and year-round activities.

The “Selet” Education and Recreation Centre is one of the centres in the network of institutions and initiatives of the “Selet” Fund and the “Selet” Youth Centre that work with gifted children and youth. Among their main aims are the following: working with gifted children and youth throughout a year; assisting them in their spiritual and professional formation; widely integrating the idea of priority of intellectual and moral values in a civilized society; participating in the formation of an intellectual and spiritual elite that is characterized by progressive thinking and the ability to keep up the harmony of human values and ethnic identity.